Building Work

February 2013 

SAM_0552 SAM_0553

The building work began in February as we transform our garage into an office and en-suite bedroom and started with frosts and snow blowing through!


March 2013

SAM_0555 SAM_0556 SAM_0557 SAM_0558 SAM_0559 SAM_0560

April 2013

Finally weather proof

SAM_0577 SAM_0578 SAM_0579 SAM_0580 SAM_0581

By mid April things are taking shape quite quickly

SAM_0582 SAM_0583 SAM_0584 SAM_0589 SAM_0590

May 2013

Now we are in May and getting so close to completion, heating and electrics are on and the plumbing is nearly done too.

SAM_0594 SAM_0597 SAM_0598

July 2013

The building work is now complete and waiting for you to come and stay!